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FASTSIGN is an authentication and authorization service, enabling the end-users to authenticate themselves to multiple Internet services in a secure manner. A USB peripheral (“RSSP key”) or a client software program, activated by a user and device specific PIN code, is used by end-users to manage their accounts in a centralized but secure manner.

No disclosure of personal data of any kind (such as name, age, location, face data) is necessary to use FASTSIGN when the service is only used to manage end-user’s access credentials for Internet services. The end-user’s username and password information related to an Internet service are not stored in FASTSIGN although a list of the Internet services accessible by certain RSSP account is stored. When FASTSIGN is used in the manner described above, the information concerning RSSP keys or accounts cannot be directly linked to any particular person.

FASTSIGN provides end-users an option to store personal data in their RSSP keys and software clients. End-users may store personal data that may be necessary for using some Internet services, for example to verify to an Internet service that the end-user is of a certain age. All personal data disclosed by an end-user is stored permanently only in the end-user’s RSSP key or software client and is disclosed to an Internet service only upon a query from the service and only with an express consent of the end-user for each query separately. Temporary processing of the end-user’s personal data by FASTSIGN is necessary when the end-user discloses or edits the personal data stored in the RSSP key or software client, or when end-user data is disclosed to an Internet service. The data is always discarded without delay after being processed and is not stored by FASTSIGN in any other place than the end-user’s RSSP key or software client.

An end-user may choose to disclose optional personal data (such as an e-mail address or a phone number) to be used by FASTSIGN for the purposes of communication between the end-user and FASTSIGN.

Any data concerning the use by a specific end-user of different Internet services via FASTSIGN may only be stored in and used by FASTSIGN for the purpose of fraud detection or other similar purposes, and to compile an end-user specific trust index which it may provide to third parties upon their request without obtaining a separate consent from the end-user. The trust index is only a technical attribute which cannot be reduced to personal information relating to any private person.

Personal end-user data stored in FASTSIGN may be transferred within FASTSIGN to any server in any country worldwide. FASTSIGN always protects any personal data by using adequate data security procedures and technologies. The core principle of FASTSIGN is to store all personal data (except of the above mentioned optional contact information) in a decentralized manner into the RSSP keys and/or software clients, which are at the sole possession and control of the end-users themselves. Thus the protection by each end-user of the RSSP key or software client and the associated PIN code is the key aspect of the protection of the personal data stored in FASTSIGN. If a RSSP key or a device with RSSP client software is lost by an end-user, the end-user’s personal data may be at risk, and cannot be recovered by FASTSIGN. It is essential that end-user has a copy of her unlock code, which can be used to revoke and lock lost RSSP key or software client. FASTSIGN is not responsible for end-users’ data or the authenticity thereof in any way, except that FASTSIGN undertakes to use adequate data security procedures and technologies during the processing of the end-users’ data. FASTSIGN shall not be liable for any damages caused by inaccurate end-user data or the loss of any end-user data.

FASTSIGN shall not use, store or disclose the end-user’s personal data in any other manner than what has been described herein without the consent of the end-user. Any personal data disclosed to FASTSIGN that is not automatically destroyed immediately after processing shall be destroyed without undue delay after the end-user finally ceases to use FASTSIGN. The end-user is responsible for destroying data stored in the RSSP key or software clients.

An end-user shall hereby expressly consent to the collection and processing of personal data before using FASTSIGN. Consent to collect and process personal data may be revoked by the end-user at any time, but use of FASTSIGN must be discontinued after such revocation. An end-user may inspect and amend the personal data stored into FASTSIGN at any time by using tools provided at FASTSIGN web site or by using the contact information below. Please note that FASTSIGN does not have implicit access to the information stored into the end-users’ RSSP keys or software clients.



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